chasing dreams



(Rome, Italy, 1973) is a classical pianist, multiple Freediving World Record holder, and an awards-winning photographer with a deep artistic sensibility, which never stopped looking for a means of expression even when everything seemed lost.

He grew up studying Piano at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome and under the guidance of Maestro Willy Brezza. Soon after earning a Piano Diploma with highest honours as a young promise of classical concertism, two sudden events changed his life: his brilliant pianist career ended by a wrist injury due to a violent frontal impact with a stolen car that had lost control; and just few months later, his 17 years-old cousin Stefano tragically lost his life at sea. One of his cousin’s dreams was to establish a Freediving World Record, thus Arrigoni promised to set it in his memory and started agonistic training. He has been keeping this important promise since 2003, setting 23 Freediving World Records.

His sporting career was nearly interrupted by another heavy car crash suffered in 2004, but Arrigoni overcame this obstacle thanks to his strong willpower and to the mental techniques learned for freediving.

By virtue of these experiences, Arrigoni is convinced that in our life it's very important to make the most of our abilities, trying to turn difficulties in new possibilities. He held the same approach during the interminable rehabilitation from a very serious disease that almost killed him in the Summer of 2020. For almost a year his physical condition was so precarious that he could barely get out of bed for a few minutes, which gradually became hours. In those moments, he aimed at reacting and finding an alternative way to express himself. Photography was, therefore, the perfect means of expression in those circumstances. So he created a new photographic project, Resonance, which combines his three greatest passions (music, freediving, and photography).

More than three years after that lethal disease, he started training in Freediving again...


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