The world champion freediver Simone Arrigoni was born in Rome, Italy, in 1973.  He started his career as pianist and piano teacher soon after earning a
Piano Diploma with highest honours at the Conservatory with Willy Brezza, until two sudden events changed his life in 1999: he had to stop performing piano recitals because he suffered a car accident and he lost his young cousin Stefano while he was diving in the sea.  One of Stefano's dreams was to establish a freedive record, thus Arrigoni promised to realize it for him and started his trainings.  He has kept this important promise since 2003, setting 20 world records in the sea, lake, under the ice and with his beloved dolphins.  His sporting career was nearly interrupted by another heavy car crash suffered in 2004, but Arrigoni overcame this obstacle thanks to his strong willpower and to the mental techniques learned for freediving.

         By virtue of his experiences, Arrigoni thinks that in our life it's very important to make the most of our abilities, trying to turn difficulties in new possibilities.  Freediving is really useful to improve our self-control, that's why Simone aims to divulge its potential to the largest audience with every performance and he is grateful to the Giochi del Mare / Sea Games, which from 2012 has given him the chance to teach this wonderful sport to disabled persons.

         Arrigoni, who has been collaborating with Zoomarine Italia since 2008, participates in research projects on the study of freediving and the comparative physiology of man and dolphin.

         Since 2010 he has been developing his great interest in photography - a powerful means of expression and exploration for him - in wich he looks for unusual perspectives, details, lights, and symmetries. His photos and reportages have been published in books and magazines, and have received many award in the most prestigious international photo contests.

         He is ActionAid Ambassador and Honorary Member of the Centro Studi Cetacei / Center for Cetacean Studies, an Italian non-profit association that is concerned with the study and the rescue of marine mammals and reptiles since 1986.


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