Dal bullismo al cyberbullismo:
norma, prevenzione e rieducazione
March 1, 2018, Sala del Refettorio - Camera dei Deputati, Rome - Italy

Presentation at the Dal bullismo al cyberbullismo: norma, prevenzione e rieducazione conference

QUID Qualità della vita e impatto della tecnologia, del web
e dell'informatica sulle persone con disabilità conference
October 4, 2017, University of Rome Tor Vergata - Italy

Presentation at the QUID conference to speak about disability 
and introduce myself as Testimonial of the ANVID Onlus

Sub Coscienza della Sicurezza conference
July 11, 2017, Civitavecchia - Italy

Presentation at the Sub Coscienza della Sicurezza conference to speak about sea safety and disability

Freediving course for disabled people
June 15-18, 2017, Nettuno - Italy

 Arrigoni held a Freediving, breathing and relaxing techniques volunteer course for disabled people during Giochi del Mare 2017. VIDEO

Research project on comparative physiology of man and dolphin
May 30, 2017, Rome, Italy

The scientific experimental research on my DNA to compare the adaptation to freediving of man and dolphin, led by "Sapienza" University of Rome, continues.

MPR lawyers' conference
May 24, 2017, Lamezia Terme, Italy

Presentation at the MPR lawyers' conference to speak about stress and emotions management, and introduce myself as Testimonial of the MPR Mediatori Professionisti Roma Association.

Safety at sea class for students
May 23, 2017, Nettuno, Rome - Italy

Arrigoni gave a class on Safety at sea to Elementary and Middle School students in Nettuno, 
in collaboration with Giochi del Mare and Guardia Costiera Italiana

IPRA International Physical Rehabilitation Awards
April 1, 2017, Rome - Italy

Arrigoni was awarded by the IPRA International Physical Rehabilitation Awards, for his commitment to voluntary social activities for disabled people.

Dolphin's Breath world record
in memory of Stefano Arrigoni
August 12, 2016, Limnionas, Kythira - Greece

Exactly 17 years after the death of his cousin Stefano, who lost his life at sea in Limnionas at age 17, Simone Arrigoni established his 17th freediving world record, in the discipline of the Dolphin's Breath, 500 mt at sea with 35 single breaths (total time 9' with 35'' of breathing) .

Piano recital at the moonlight
June 18, 2016, Santa Marinella, Rome - Italy

Arrigoni went back to playing a classical piano recital after a 20 year absence, with musics by Bach, Chopin, Rachmaninoff and Scriabin. 

Benefit piano performance
June 9, 2016, Villa Glori's Theatre, Rome - Italy

Arrigoni played piano music by Chopin and Scriabin during a Benefit Gala for the Comboniani's dental clinic for immigrants.

Safety at sea class for students
May 23, 2016, Santa Marinella, Rome - Italy

Arrigoni gave a class on Safety at sea to Elementary and Middle School students in Santa Marinella.

Piano performance
July 14, 2015, Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome - Italy

Arrigoni was invited to play a solo piano composition (Chopin's Fantaisie-Impromptu) during the
Festival "Sport's Stories at Castel Sant'Angelo".

World record with one dolphin
May 28, 2015, Zoomarine, Torvaianica (Rome) - Italy

Arrigoni has been collaborating at the Doctoral research project led by the University of Rome La Sapienza, the University of Pisa, the Extreme Center of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, and the CNR, in order to investigate the freediving adaptive systems of humans and marine mammals, with the aim of improving medical knowledge about physiological reactions and genetic adaptations at lack of oxygen conditions.
On May 28 he held an official performance at Zoomarine to present this scientific project, making 7 underwater loops pushed by the dolphin Marco.

World record with two dolphins
on the International Day for Biological Diversity
May 22, 2014, Zoomarine, Torvaianica (Rome) - Italy

On the International Day for Biological Diversity, Arrigoni (who has been collaborating with Zoomarine Italia for seven years) has broken his freedive world record during a puplic performance, making 15 underwater loops pushed by the dolphins King & Leah.
Some medical parameters have been surveyed to carry on the research project of the Zoomarine Trust Onlus, that aims to study the similarities and differences between man and the bottlenose dolphin.

Angeli dello sport / Angels of the sport
February 22, 2014, Rome - Italy

Arrigoni partecipated to Angeli dello Sport / Angels of the sport, together with other water sport champions, to remember the young diver Matteo Marchetti and to raise funds for the Bambin Gesù pediatric hospital.

500 meters in sea: world record with DPV
September 30, 2013, Tropea - Italy

Arrigoni has set a new world record with a particular Dive Propulsion Vehicle, named Flyboard, covering a distance of 500 mt in 2 minutes and 39 seconds, with an average speed of 189 mt/minute.

Giochi del Mare / Sea Games 2013
June 4-9, 2013, Calabria - Italy

Freediving performance in the Blue Cave:

As prologue of the Giochi del Mare / Sea Games, the "olympics" of summer sports (organized by FiBa in collaboration with the "Regione Calabria" and the Italian Coast Guard), on the 3rd of June Arrigoni made a freediving performance at the Dino's Island in Praia a Mare, underwater swimming across the amazing Grotta Azzurra / Blue Cave.

Safety at sea course:

On the 1st of June Arrigoni gave a volunteer class on Safety at sea to High School students in Praia a Mare. VIDEO

Introduction to freediving techniques seminar for children supported by ActionAid:

From the 4th to the 9th of June Arrigoni ran a volunteer course for a group of 30 children of the non-profit association "Il Seme" in a swimming pool in Reggio Calabria.

  World record with two dolphins during a performance for scientific purposes
May 23, 2013, Zoomarine, Torvaianica (Rome) - Italy
 Arrigoni, who has been collaborating with Zoomarine Italia for six years, is participating in a research project, led by Zoomarine Trust Onlus (a non-profit organization), to study the effects that freediving performance may have on the human body and compare them with the other studied species, the bottlenose dolphin.
On the 23rd of May Simone has broken his freedive world record during a puplic performance, making 14 underwater loops pushed by the dolphins Paco & Marco, and some medical parameters have been measured on the athlete to be compared with the data collected during the training sessions.

Thesis at the Italian University of Sport and Movement
April 2013, Rome - Italy
Arrigoni's Freediving performances have been studied and compared with the anatomy and physiology of dolphins, in the
following dissertation:
 Francesca Patrignani, La motricità acquatica: analogie e differenze tra l'uomo e il tursiope (Tursiops truncatus), Tesi di Laurea in Scienze Motorie, relatore Prof. Valter Magini, correlatore Dr. Valerio Manfrini, Università degli Studi di Roma "Foro Italico", a.a. 2011/2012.
[Francesca Patrignani, The Aquatic Motricity: Similarities and Differences between Man and the Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus), Thesis in Sport Sciences, supervised by Prof. Valter Magini and Dr. Valerio Manfrini, Italian University of Sport and Movement "Foro Italico", Rome (Italy), academic year 2011/2012].


Giochi del Mare / Sea Games 2012
June 5-10, 2012, Ostia - Italy

 Arrigoni held a Freediving, breathing and relaxing techniques volunteer course for disabled persons.